Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Terms of Service only apply to NON-COMMERCIAL use and work. Terms are subject to change at any time but will not be applied retroactively. Note that by commissioning the artist (Demona) you accept that you have read and agree with all terms of service.


  • The artist reserve the right to refuse service to a commissioner under the age of 18, for any artwork of an adult nature.
  • The artist will edit a commission only if it's her mistake, any edits resulting from incorrect information will result in a possible fee. No commission will be re-done after completion for any reason other than the artists mistakes.
  • Prices are a rough guideline, based on amounts of complexity and details required for the picture. Additional charges may apply for excessively detailed characters or situations.
  • Commissioners will not receive a SAI file for any reason, you will recieve a high resolution PNG file for personal use as well as a smaller JPG file for posting.
  • Payment upfront is required for commissions. Commissions will NOT be started without payment.
  • All commissions are posted on a queue, (Commission Queue)
  • The artist is not held responsible for hosting your commission image(s). All images are emailed so it is assumed you should have them on hand.

  • The artist can do refunds if there has been no progress on your art, if work has been started you will be refunded the difference for the work that hasn't been done.
  • I.e: If you have a full shaded coloured commission and cancel at the line art stage you will be refunded for the difference between lineart and full shading.
  • Funds returned all depend on how much work has been completed.
  • Work may take some time to complete based on the queue and also affected by Demona's hectic life, patience is appreciated.


  • Email is the preferred method of contact, you may contact the artist at countless.dreams@live.com
  • Commissioners will be updated on the art as it progresses, Sketch and line art will both be emailed for approval.
  • Large commissions or commissions with background may result in delays.
  • Questions regarding commission updates are welcome, although please limit this to email and not shouts,notes or asking in streams. Also please limit it to once or twice a week.
  • Harrassment for updates may result in a cancellation of the commission using the policies above.
  • Rude or abusive commissioners will have their commission cancelled using the policies above.

  • Communication is key, be clear and to the point what you want. Try to include all relevant details before the sketch stage, preferrably in the form.
  • As stated in the important header, any edits may be subject to fees so be sure all refs are updated and correct.
  • All commission requests are subject to the will not draw list, please read it before submitting a form.
  • Getting art of a character who you do not own will require written permission or contact with the owner of that character.
  • The artist will only draw copyrighted or trademarked content on a case-by-case basis.
  • If adult artwork is commissioned, the commissioner must verify that they are indeed over the age of majority(18 in most cases). Failure may result in refusal of service.
  • Preposes are sold as is, only edits will be for body differences etc. No pose edits.
  • Wing it's are artistic freedom, sketch and line art will be emailed for preview but no edits will be made.

  • No one is permitted to make any alterations to any artwork produced without the artists explicit permission.
  • The commissioner is permitted to post the small JPG version they are given for posting, the PNG file is for private use only and is not to be shared or posted online.
  • No permission is given to sell prints, redistribute without permission, or use in advertising for any reason.
  • Sketches rejected from any commissioner may be recycled for later use.
  • The commissioner is permitted to crop the image for use as a icon as long as credit is given to me.
  • Any commissions involving characters owned by Demona may be used in art books, prints or other works. Note that by commissioning a picture involving one of those characters you are agreeing to this.

  • Do not harrass Demona at any time for free art, becoming hostile will result in it not being done even if it was promised. Free art is of her own artistic freedom, edits or changes will not be given.

  • I will draw: original characters, fanarts, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai, shoujou ai, nsfw.
  • I will not draw: mecha, detailed backgrounds, inflation, or water sports but please feel free to ask if something is not listed.