Welcome to Countless Dreams

My personal web site I've created to share my works to those that are interested. Please feel free to look around and if you have any questions or would like to order a commission then click the links above for more information.

About Demona

Demona is my online alias and has been for a good while now. Yes the name is from that amazing cartoon "Gargoyles". I'm a mother of twins, a boy and girl, wife and as you already have gathered a freelance artist. I've always loved to draw but actively started when I was pregnant and was put on bed rest. Since I had plenty of time on my hand I decided that this was a perfect time to start drawing again. After a while I decided that drawing could be a way to help bring in some income until I could get back to work. Didn't work out entirely as I had planned but in my opinion it all worked out for the best.


I've been asked numerous times how some one is able to tip or donate to me! Well I've made it easy for any that are inclined to share some love my way. Just click the link below and know that I thank you so very much!